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Esperanto sen Fleksio

Esperanto sen Fleksio (abbreviated as EsF) is a proposed reform of the artificial language Esperanto. While many reform proposals concern themselves with trivial and superficial issues, EsF gets to the heart of the matter, abolishing many of the unnecessary grammatical inflections that cause trouble for people whose native languages (e.g. Chinese, Indonesian, English) have simpler grammars than traditional Esperanto. EsF also incorporates the one spelling reform proposal which seems to have the most widespread support, replacing u-breve with w. Apart from that one spelling change, EsF makes no changes to the vocabulary; therefore, the thousands of Esperanto dictionaries that exist will continue to be useful. If you want to support EsF, use it instead of traditional Esperanto in postal correspondence and on the Internet. Begin your messages with Mi skribi per Esperanto sen Fleksio.

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Sample verbs:
abdiki, abdukcii, aberacii, abjudiki, abjxuri, abnegacii, aboli, abolicii, abomenegi, abomeni, aboni, aborti, abrogacii, absejli, absolvi, absorbi, abstini, abstrakti, abundi, acidetigi.

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